It's a New Era in Procurement

embracing the role of "Chief Value OFFICER"

Today, we’re in the moneyball era of procurement, where data-driven insight is everything, and new technologies are being constantly developed to make that insight as immediate and transformative as possible.

As procurement roles and responsibilities continue to evolve, what does the future look like in the coming years? There are five trends developing within this era of procurement that teams must embrace to stay at the front of the pack. Some of these trends are simply new realities in age-old practices, while others are on the horizon:

  1. Leveraging Analytics to Think Beyond Savings
  2. Enhancing Third-Party Risk Management
  3. Staying Ahead of M&A Deal Trends
  4. Ensuring Data Security and Privacy
  5. Utilizing Next-Generation Technologies

The idea of value is shifting rapidly and while it won’t be simple, the most successful procurement officers will find ways to help their organizations constantly reassess their priorities to suit short- and long-term goals in this new era of procurement.

By embracing these five trends, you will have the chance to put on your cape and make a bigger impact than you ever thought possible. Download the Whitepaper to Learn More.