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Stop Throwing Good Money at Bad Investments

Revamp your tech and ignite business growth with SC&H's Tech Assessment. Say goodbye to the manual tasks, inefficient processes, and outdated systems that are holding you back. Our CIO-level experts uncover your biggest IT risks and opportunities and then tailor a vendor-agnostic approach to prioritize the right technology initiatives. Address operational challenges, hit your requirements, and catapult your business to the top! Get started today with a personalized discussion.

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  • Growth is outpacing current technology and processes
  • Manual tasks are hindering agility and scalability
  • Current tech and staffing impede delegation and efficiency
  • Infrastructure and software need to be upgraded and integrated
  • Projected growth or capital-raising is increasing reporting complexities
  • Scrutiny from investors/customers is forcing IT enhancements

Unlocking Impressive Outcomes with a Simple, Effective Approach

Accelerate business potential with our no-nonsense, 3-step approach to diagnosing technology, systems, utilization, and process inefficiencies. Our Tech Assessment evaluates risks, uncovers opportunities, and prioritizes the right technology initiatives. The end result? A comprehensive packaging of our findings, detailed recommendations, and immediate next steps to get started.

1. Survey IT Environment

2. Scrutinize Problems & Solutions

3. Submit Recommendations

Ready to Assess Your Technology Suite?

Before you spend your money on new technology initiatives, uncover the root causes of your IT pain points and areas of opportunity with our 30-minute Tech Assessment. With the help of our CIO-level experts, gain a tailored, adaptable roadmap that will help you maximize business results.

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Transform Your Technology for Secure, Scalable Growth


Better leverage existing and 
new technologies to meet 
business goals


Implement best practices to protect your employees, customers, and intellectual property (IP) 

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Save time and money, increase efficiency, and reduce risk 

Going Beyond Diagnosis to Achieve New Heights

Allow us to put the plan into action with maximum expertise and minimum disruption. Our experienced team at SC&H will:
  • 1Advise on the appropriate technology investments, systems selection, and implementation partners.
  • 2Oversee the implementation process to achieve defined organizational goals.
  • 3Eliminate a single point of failure with an experienced team of technology advisors at a fraction of the cost of one in-house hire.
  • 4Ensure your organization is utilizing the right technologies and following best practices to maximize efficiency.
  • 5Serve as your go-to for addressing all technology, software, and cybersecurity questions and needs.

Don't Talk About It, Be About It

In 30 minutes or less learn how our Tech Assessment can help you unlock valuable insights to maximize your IT investments. Doing nothing can pose significant risks in today's fast-paced environment. It's time to jump-start your modernization plan and get ahead of the game.
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Rely on Proven IT and Business Expertise

Our Technology Advisory practice offers strategic, proven advice that empowers leaders to leverage technology for business efficiency. Our services are supplemented by full-service data, tax, audit, and consulting solutions at SC&H Group. This immediate access to dynamic professionals fosters all-encompassing conversations during every engagement.