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Modernize Your Technology, Optimize Your Business


The Tech You Need, and Then Some

Technology that’s modern, secure, and high performing? It’s easier than you think. The right technology can give you a leg up on your competitors, address even your most frustrating challenges, and accelerate business growth. While this kind of IT magic can be hard to achieve, it's even harder to do so with a single hire. So, instead of bulking your team with multiple people or bogging down your team with activities that extend beyond their skillsets, outsource your IT needs to SC&H’s technology experts.

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Experts to Tackle Even Your Biggest Challenges

With SC&H, you get access to a complete team of IT experts, including veteran CIOs and CTOs, capable of addressing all your needs. Can you say the same about one full-time, in-house hire? Save time and money while getting the diverse knowledge and exponential resources necessary for managing your internal IT team, external vendors, and daily tech requirements. That’s everyone and everything you need to:


Align your technology and business strategies


Implement IT infrastructure that scales with your business


Optimize process and operational performance


Mitigate technology and security risks


Generate new revenue streams


Make informed, confident business decisions



Services that Cover the IT Spectrum

Whether serving as your designated technology leader or executing on a very specific need, we can collaborate with the right personnel to enable and enhance your organization's technology environment through:


Bid adieu to time, cost, and security challenges associated with your legacy technology, and embrace an informed, realistic, and vendor-agnostic approach to enterprise software selection, including enterprise resource planning (ERP). You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


The cloud isn’t as scary as you think. Offering superior agility, speed, cost savings, security, and collaboration, we’d say it’s actually quite inviting. So, whether you’re ready to go all in or prefer to test the hybrid waters, we’ll help select a cloud strategy that suits your needs and pace.


No longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. Securing your organization today takes more than spam filters and MFA. The key is to define a cybersecurity strategy that empowers your organization to reduce, detect, respond to, and recover from inevitable disruptions and attacks.


For innovation enthusiasts. Enabling digital technologies and initiatives to meet the changing business, market, and customer requirements is critical to staying relevant and competitive. We help align business strategy and in-house expertise to ensure ongoing and sustainable digital success.

Ready to Modernize Your Technology Environment? 

We’re here to listen to your needs, not to sell you something you don’t need. Every business is different and, like you, we want to ensure this is the right fit. Our 30-minute one-on-one consultation is an opportunity to discuss your technology gaps, challenges, and opportunities and how we can help meet your team where they are.

Needs that Extend Beyond Technology?

We have you covered there, too. SC&H offers outsourced, executive-level expertise and strategic guidance from professionals with C-suite experience. By outsourcing your executive leadership, you gain an entire team of specialists with the diverse knowledge and resources necessary to meet your unique business goals.

Outsourced Data Analytics

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Fractional CFO Advisory

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