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OneStream V8 Readiness Assessment

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OneStream Version 8 Platform

Upgrade with Confidence.

OneStream's newest upgrade, Platform V8, introduces major enhancements to transform and expedite data processing while delivering unmatched performance and streamlined data integration.  

Given the substantial changes, certain core functionalities of the existing OneStream platform may no longer be compatible. Thorough preparation is essential to avoid data loss and navigate this transition smoothly. Understanding what functionalities are changing and how Platform V8 will benefit your business is key to a successful upgrade. 

Navigate the Complexities of this Powerful Platform

As a OneStream Platinum Partner, we recognize that OneStream users need support navigating the complexities of the most recent and powerful Version 8 Platform. So, to better serve the OneStream community and ensure users properly prepare to avoid data loss while realizing the substantial benefits of the upgrade, SC&H is offering an OS V8 Readiness Assessment.
This free and informative assessment will:
  • Evaluate your existing OneStream deployment and opportunities for optimization
  • Determine if any deprecated features will impact your existing OneStream solution utilization
  • Identify solution changes required to perform the upgrade to the V8 Platform
  • Document the overall evaluation, related outcomes, and clear benefits for your organization
  • Provide a timeline and estimate to perform the upgrade to V8 and realize the benefits

Reap Big Business Benefits

Platform V8 will provide significant improvements that will transform your business processes for the better, including:


Faster, more powerful performance


Increased security, control, & autonomy


Simplified connections & integrations


Enhanced user functionality and interface

The Assessment Process

For the last 23 years, SC&H has worked with hundreds of finance and accounting leaders to implement and optimize CPM solutions. As with our implementations, SC&H owns the most critical details of the OS V8 Readiness Assessment to ensure this platform upgrade aligns with your strategic business objectives, addresses your current challenges, and delivers big business benefits.

Click through our straightforward and effective assessment process: 

Estimated 30 minutes

A preliminary conversation to help us get to know your current challenges and objectives while sharing a bit about our assessment process and timeline.

Estimated 2-3 hours

SC&H will virtually meet with the OneStream application administrators and power users to review the current application deployment. This session will include a guided walkthrough of both OneStream enhancements and deprecations related to the OneStream V8 Platform.

Estimated 2 business days post-working session

SC&H will provide documentation regarding the evaluation and the upgrade logistics: 
  • Expected benefits including potential performance, integration, workflow, and security improvements 
  • Proposed add-on features to the existing OneStream deployment to enhance useability 
  • Proposed fixes/updates related to deprecated functionality 
  • Summary of the best path forward for your organization to upgrade to the V8 platform

After the assessment, you have the option to engage SC&H to perform the OS V8 upgrade while supporting your team’s ownership of the steps. Serving as an extension of your team, our experts will develop a detailed project plan to execute the upgrade including project requirements and design, build, testing, and rollout phases.

Learning More Doesn’t Cost You a Dime 

Preparing for a successful upgrade demands substantial time, capabilities, and expertise. Let SC&H be your guide, ensuring a smooth upgrade with our skilled team of OneStream experts. We will diligently explore and anticipate every necessary implementation component to unlock the transformative power of Platform V8 for your business. 

Discover How to Launch Your Assessment Now

Complete the form below and we will contact you.