A Guide for Success

In the current economic environment, in order to keep up with the pace of M&A trends, a company must operate with an agile approach. Keeping agility in mind, now more than ever companies are streamlining operating models to better position themselves to pivot quickly if, or when, they are approached with potential growth opportunities. Specific examples of this strategic approach are when companies turn to divestitures or “carve outs,” to fund new investments in technology, products, services, or geographies.

Companies might divest one or more parts of their business when they are shifting their corporate focus, streamlining core operations, redirecting their existing capital, or simply taking advantage of a recent offer or a high valuation.

It’s important to recognize that successful divestiture transactions are the result of thoughtful planning and foresight by management. In SC&H Capital’s latest whitepaper the team takes a deeper dive into the strategic and thoughtful process that is necessary for a successful divestiture.

This whitepaper dives into insights specific to:

  • Pre & Post Divestiture Financial Reporting
  • Strategic Positioning
  • The Importance of Technology
  • Market Analysis, Establishment of Objectives, and Transaction Planning
  • Divestiture Case Studies