Throughout the course of 2018, SOC for Cybersecurity will continue to become an increasingly efficient solution to thoroughly evaluate an organization’s cybersecurity risk management programs.

SOC for Cybersecurity provides a trusted and widely accepted framework of common criteria to assess the strengths of a cybersecurity model, and is designed to scale as an organization grows.

This comprehensive guide:

  • Explores the “What and How” of a SOC for Cybersecurity framework
  • Outlines the many benefits SOC for Cybersecurity has for an organization, its customers, investors, and stakeholders
  • Discusses the required skillset and expertise needed by practitioners to successfully implement and maintain SOC for Cybersecurity

Download the whitepaper and discover how future SOC for Cybersecurity reports can safeguard your organization from threats, and provide your customers with the peace of mind to know their information is safe in your hands.