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Whether looking to consolidate multiple sources of data, establish real-time and accurate reporting, or implement a comprehensive data strategy across all marketing channels, SC&H's Data Analytics experts can get it done. Our 30-minute one-on-one data consultation is an opportunity to discuss your data challenges and explore the right-fit solutions. Talk with a team member today.

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Achieve Data That Puts You in Control

From advanced data modeling and warehousing to visualization and business intelligence, standardize your organization's methods for collecting, evaluating, and measuring success across the full suite of digital marketing channels. Our team works with executive and leadership teams to consolidate existing platforms and implement appropriate data technologies to help:

  • 1Gain executive and stakeholder access to real-time performance analytics to determine impact.
  • 2Identify leading and lagging indicators and benchmark, compare, measure data against time.
  • 3Discern the end-to-end user journey across owned, earned, and paid media channels.
  • 4View, filter, and analyze data from paid, digital, and organic campaigns in a single source.
  • 5Reduce reliance on agency-provided information and data while increasing cross-functional collaboration internally.
  • 6Prioritize revenue-generating initiatives based on historical data and experimentation.

Below are sample dashboards pulled from a recent client engagement. There are so many possibilities to create dashboards tailored to your team's data display, visualization, analysis, and reporting preferences.

Digital Dashboard

Digital Dashboard

Total access to a concise and comprehensive view of traffic and engagement generated by digital campaigns with the ability to filter by time period, channel, and other preferred views.

campaign dashboard

Campaign Dashboard

Display data by campaign source (paid, email, content, web, media, social, etc.) and break it down by spend and performance details that can be filtered by campaign type, year, month, product, and source.

brand dashboard

Executive Dashboard

 Executives and stakeholders now have access to the most critical analytics, while drill-downs and tooltips provide the option to get more detailed information about various data points.

executive dashboard

Brand Dashboard

Measures efficacy through brand-specific paid ads (utilizing a brand sentiment tool), branded search queries, and search impressions and clicks that demonstrate how paid activity and search align.

Achieve Reporting That No One Can Ignore

Every marketing team has unique data requirements. Whether your need is big or small, SC&H Data Analytics can meet your team where they are, collaborate on solutions that make sense for your team, and ensure you feel confident in the direction forward. Hit them with data that undeniably demonstratea marketing's impact. Let us help.