learn more about the sc&h process

Do you want to find out if there is hidden risk in your contracts and more clearly understand the kind of cost-savings an audit could unlock?

Whether you choose to move forward or not, this assessment will provide you with valuable insights outlining potential risks and opportunities to get money back from your contracts.


Step 1: Establish an NDA
  • We are happy to use your template, or ours.

Step 2: Share Your Story

  • You may have specific contracts in mind already to evaluate, or you might want our suggestions on ones you hadn't considered.
  • Either way works for us -- simply share a summary of spend by supplier, and we'll highlight opportunities for your consideration.

Step 3: Review Recommendations

  • After sharing the contracts you want, we'll provide the following feedback:
    • What types of non-compliance might be occurring
    • The value of potential non-compliance
    • What you can expect from the audit process based on our experience
    • Feedback on contract language, including your audit clause

Step 4: Determine Next Steps

  • If you decide the feedback we present merits further consideration, we'll also prepare a detailed audit plan and proposal that can be discussed with stakeholders.